Blueprint for living on Mars


Queen B Mars concept houseFrom Gizmag:

If humans successfully colonize Mars in the future, what kind of homes will they inhabit? NASA and MakerBot recently hosted a competition which tasked people with making a 3D-printed model home suitable for the Red Planet. Noah Hornberger won with his Queen B (Bioshielding) concept home, which offers food-for-thought concerning the future of interplanetary architecture.

The link has more pictures of this innovative house design.

Wild Cards Winter cometh


Wild Cards LowballI just learned yesterday that there would be a new Wild Cards novel coming out in November.  Lowball is a Wild Cards “Mosaic” novel (which seems to mean that the various parallel-running stories and characters don’t necessarily meet up in a grand finale at the end, I believe), the followup to the WC novel Fort Freak.

Then, in checking the Amazon pages for the drop date of Lowball (November 2), I discovered that the ebook reissue of the fourth Wild Cards novel, Aces Abroad, will be released on January 13.  So, good winter to come for us Wild Cards fans! Continue reading

Syfy to produce Childhood’s End


Childhood's End

My own cover design for the iconic novel.

Syfy is gearing up to produce Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction classic Childhood’s End.

According to Deadline, Syfy’s ordering Childhood’s End to production as a six hour miniseries. Producing the project are Michael De Luca (The Social Network) and Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind). Writing the script is Matthew Graham (Life on Mars and Doctor Who) and just hired to direct is Nick Hurran (Doctor Who and Sherlock‘s “His Last Vow”). If nothing else, this line-up certainly suggests that Syfy is serious about doing this and doing it right.

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“On your actual brink”


batteryI don’t know why, but I love the line: “So here we are, on your actual brink,” from the movie 2010: The Year We Make Contact.  In 2010, NSA Chairman Victor Milson was talking about the imminent threat of World War III; but I think of those words whenever I read a new article about something new we’ve discovered or developed about battery technology, energy storage and solar photovoltaic improvements.

You may not realize how close we are to a paradigm shift in energy collection, storage and distribution. Continue reading