Score one for Earth Day


Virginia’s top court has ruled against global warming skeptics trying to obtain emails written by climate scientist Michael Mann when he was a UVA professor. The judge stated that the emails are proprietary and exempt from FOIA requests — and that releasing them would impair academic “free thought and expression.”

Earth Day—1: Climate deniers—0.

The Awesome Con panel was a success

the Heroes panel

Gail Martin, Stuart Jaffe and myself at the Awesome Con panel “Are Heroes Getting Smaller?”

The Awesome Con gig went well yesterday.  The panel subject, “Are Heroes Getting Smaller?” was moderated by Gail Z. Martin, fantasy author and originator of the panel’s subject.  We were also joined by fantasy author Stuart Jaffe, with whom I’ve communicated before (on Facebook, I think).  Yes, as the sci-fi author, I was pretty much the odd man out. Continue reading

Motorcycling for the 21st century

Honda Silverwing

Honda Silverwing: The superior two-wheeled commuter vehicle.

I’ve been a fan of motorcycle transportation, ever since I was left without a car for a short time in my forties.  Over the years, I’ve owned a standard-configuration bike, a sporty-standard and a cruiser, and I’ve used them for commuting and recreation.  I donated my last bike when public transportation to my job was so convenient that I found myself not riding it (my wife was uncomfortable on the back seat, so it had limited recreational value).  I think about bikes every so often, and I can see myself buying another one someday.

But God, how I want my next bike to have joined the rest of civilization in the 21st century. Continue reading

Tax complaint day is here.


TaxesYes, in the U.S., it’s time to pay your taxes.  And that means it’s time for everyone to come out and complain about the amount of the taxes they pay.  It’ll be in the news services, it’ll be in the social media (written by those over 30, anyway) and it’ll be on the lips of every co-worker who was up late last night finishing their tax paperwork and reluctantly dropping off a check to Uncle Sam in the wee hours of the night.

So, since my voice would go unheard amongst the thousands chiming in at my local news station, or the millions speaking out online, I’m just going to say my piece here, and be done with it.

Shut up, morons.  Shut up and pay your taxes. Continue reading