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By Grabthar’s Hammer!!  Are you still visiting this site?  I thought I’d let everyone know I’ve moved on to a new site!  How did this oversight happen?  How could you have missed it?  How did things go so horribly wrong?!?

Probably my fault.

This site has been moved to Please visit me there and catch up on what you’ve missed!

The ulterior motive


buy_my_booksI enjoy writing about and discussing existing and potential science and technology, and the amazing possibilities for our future.  It’s fun discussing science fiction movies and TV shows, and debating what we’d like to see in SF entertainment.

But I must confess that I do have an ulterior motive for discussing these things on my blog, posting links to it on Facebook and Twitter and mentioning it on sites like Tor and IO9: It’s because I want people who believe I know something about science, futurism and science fiction to come here and discover that I’ve written my own science fiction and futurist novels.  And I want those people, having discovered my books, to buy them. Continue reading

The best science fiction


robot head

There always seems to be discussion and debate about the various types of science fiction, and which is more popular, which is more serious, which is cooler, etc.  I have no problem saying, right up front, that whatever kind of science fiction you like—or whatever type of any genre, for that matter—is what you like, and there’s no need to rationalize or apologize for it to others.  (So, the next time the discussion comes up, I don’t want to have to separate the 2001 and Star Wars fans,  okay?  Groovy.)

That said, this is what I get the most out of from science fiction. Continue reading

Opening excerpt of Sarcology


cover of SarcologyHuman beings aren’t always flesh and blood.  A great tagline for Sarcology, because that statement goes both ways.

A beautiful robotics scientist has been enduring a very personal blackmail as punishment for past indiscretions. But the stakes have gone up, and she’s had enough. Enter Allen and Jessica Teal, of the Teal Investigative Agency, who plan to catch her elusive blackmailer. But the case quickly goes from bad to deadly… and they must solicit the help of a robot prototype that turns out to be far more than anyone expected.

The first three full chapters of Sarcology are now available on my website, FREE to read and to entice you to buy the novel when it’s released on 4.1.13.



preliminary cover of SarcologyToday I completed the text for my new novel, Sarcology.  Expect a late Jan/early Feb Spring 2013 release.  Here’s a preliminary cover design.  More details about the book will follow.

Announcement: Right Brane is now mobile.


Right Brane logoAnnouncing the official unveiling of the Right Brane mobile website!

Yes, now has a mobile component, and anyone going to the RightBrane site from a smartphone or other portable device should be taken directly to our mobile pages.  Designed and produced (by me) to facilitate ease of use on small devices, the mobile site includes all of my novels and free content, information about the books, and the same multiple ebook formats and easy buying methods as before.

As the mobile site is just opening, I may be tweaking it further as time goes by, and especially if I get any comments as to its functionability.  It does not have all of the pages that the full site carries, but there are links taking you back to the full site if you need that info.

So please check out the mobile site, and use the social media icons to share the pages with your futurist-fiction-loving friends (and anyone else you know who might pass it on to others).  The site includes a QR code for easy sharing with others.  If you have questions or comments, you can post them here or contact me directly.  Let me know what you think… and, as always, enjoy!