Rationalizing Createspace and printed books


createspace-logo“I don’t do e-books.  But if your book was in print, maybe I’d check it out.”

Yeah, if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that, I could afford that Tesla I’ve been eyeing.  (Who am I kidding?  I could afford that Galactica full series DVD set I’ve been eyeing.)  Seriously, it’s a lament that I’ve heard many times, from friends, family and potential customers.  But when it came up on Facebook recently, I was recommended to check out Createspace to solve the printed book dilemma.  I’ve decided to try it—but before I did, I had to do something important: Find a way to rationalize it. Continue reading


Ebooks vs paper… still?


ebook vs paperA statement from Steve Davidson, owner/publisher at Amazing Stories, recently posted to Facebook:

“I wish to go on record to state that my recent physical encounter with physical books has absolutely in NO way diminished my love of physical books, nor has it diminished my loathing for so-called e-books in the least!

“We’re taught that the things you work hardest for are the things that you cherish the most, are the things that have the most import and meaning. This is true…and no less true for REAL books. When you’ve carried and sorted and lifted and twisted while holding what amounts to tons of paper in the aggregate, you may ask yourself – “why am I doing this?” After all, there is an easier way – just ditch the whole thing and buy the electronic version, store em in the cloud and get some space back in your hallway.

“But then you look at the titles…the author names…the artwork…and you remember where you where (sic), who you were with and what you were doing when you first started carrying it around and you realize how full of life, how full of stories beyond the story, each and every volume is, and you realize how soulless and meaningless a bunch of ones and zeroes stored on some server farm in Outer Outer Mongolia is and, suddenly, those books just don’t seem that heavy or awkward anymore.”

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$1.99. Yes.


All novels have been reduced to $1.99 for the holidays.  So go get some books, people.


Steven Lyle Jordan


Bernal SphereAuthor of multiple award-winning science fiction novels, featuring realistic science, mature themes and incredible adventure!

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In time for the holidays


cover of Verdant SkiesAll of my currently available novels have been put back in Amazon’s Kindle Store and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Books.

A friendly (and capitalistic) reminder that Ebooks are great gifts for that reader on your list: Get them at the stores above, or buy them from me directly, save $1 on each, and send them to your friends via holiday email attachments!

Our electrons are standing by, 24-7-365, for your orders… act now!

Pleasuring myself


Steven Lyle JordanOver the years, I’ve been concentrating so much on entertaining others that I’ve slipped in my efforts to entertain myself; and right now, I have a yen to improve my life by re-immersing myself in the many forms of entertainment media I’ve collected over the years.  But because of their formatting and my need to upgrade my collection, that will require digitization.  (Don’t ask.  It’s all my stuff, reformatted for me alone.  No copyright infringement here.  Move along.)

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Announcement: Right Brane is now mobile.


Right Brane logoAnnouncing the official unveiling of the Right Brane mobile website!

Yes, RightBrane.com now has a mobile component, and anyone going to the RightBrane site from a smartphone or other portable device should be taken directly to our mobile pages.  Designed and produced (by me) to facilitate ease of use on small devices, the mobile site includes all of my novels and free content, information about the books, and the same multiple ebook formats and easy buying methods as before.

As the mobile site is just opening, I may be tweaking it further as time goes by, and especially if I get any comments as to its functionability.  It does not have all of the pages that the full site carries, but there are links taking you back to the full site if you need that info.

So please check out the mobile site, and use the social media icons to share the pages with your futurist-fiction-loving friends (and anyone else you know who might pass it on to others).  The site includes a QR code for easy sharing with others.  If you have questions or comments, you can post them here or contact me directly.  Let me know what you think… and, as always, enjoy!