Love child


If this

NASA Lunar Excursion Moduleand this

Sikorsky Sky-crane helicopterhad a baby, it would look like this

Eagle_by_Rougue_StudioWork of art by Rogue Studio.

Robert McCall, inspirational master of the space painting


Gizmodo has posted a fantastic series of 27 works from the master of space painting, Robert McCall.  McCall’s realistic, documentary-style paintings have been seen on everything from Hollywood posters (most notably for 2001: A Space Odyssey) to promotional materials by NASA.  And this set doesn’t include my personal favorite, Apollo On The Moon, depicting a lunar lander and astronaut standing on the Moon, with Earth in the background.

For those young’uns of you: These are among the most inspirational visual works depicting space and space exploration of the 1960s and 70s, the paintings that turned many a child’s eye inexorably skyward… including my own.

Robert McCall

Introducing the “Jovian Skies”


Jovian Skies

In case any of you who have read the second and third stories in The Kestral Voyages, The Lens and The House of Jacquarelle: When I came across this ship design by artist Lewis Fischer, I knew I had discovered the look I was shooting for in the freighter Jovian Skies, piloted by Capt. Coray Gheris.  Actually, this ship is probably about twice the size I envisioned for the Jovian, but the angular unibody construction and somewhat stubby frame is the kind of layout I had in mind.

Apollo 11



This weekend marks the 45 year anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission landing the first men on the Moon.

The very first time a member of the human race stepped onto another planet besides the one on which it was born.

The only sentient life form on Earth that has developed the technological ability to leave its planetary home, visit another, and return safely.

The only other heavenly body besides the Earth that has had members of the human race standing upon it.  Perhaps—who knows?—the only heavenly body that has been visited by a sentient life form from another heavenly body.

Just take a moment to dwell on that.  Happy weekend.

 EDIT: If you’d like to relive the experience, try WeChooseTheMoon to enjoy the entire mission.

Futura sketch


futura sketchI love this sketch, the Futura robot from Metropolis.  I think the artist’s name is Chintsiz—or maybe it’s Chints 2012—but if someone knows better, please let me know.

And speaking of interstellar spacecraft…


And speaking of interstellar spacecraft...

In 2012, NASA physicist Harold White revealed that he and a team were working on a design for a faster-than-light ship. Now he’s collaborated with an artist to create a new, more realistic design of what such a ship might actually look like.  See the images in his Flickr gallery.

Pretty.  Probably downright impossible… but pretty. Continue reading