Worldfarm One


Worldfarm One

All Keith Maryland wanted was to start a new job away from the crumbling United States of America… and he thought he’d found it in the prestigious U.N. Worldfarm Project, deep in the heart of Brazil. But between native distrust and managerial prejudice against “Estados,” and local authorities that automatically associate him with an illegal drug trade in the area—threatening to expose a secret he’d rather stay hidden—Keith isn’t sure whether this was the best, or the worst, move he could’ve made.

Sometimes, being a foreigner can suck.

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Worldfarm One is the adventure of a man from the formerly-great United States of America, seeking his fortune in a new country and running into the same barriers that have blocked and stymied migrants for millennia. Will he overcome the obstacles, or stumble and be run over by anti-Estados prejudice? He’ll find out, as only an immigrant can…

A controversial story when it was released, not only for its ironic depiction of Americans as the “unpopular immigrant” in other countries, but for its concept of a farm system being run by the United Nations to feed the world.


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