The Kestral Voyages: The House of Jacquarelle


cover of The Kestral Voyages: The House of JacquarelleThe Kestral Voyages: The House of Jacquarelle

Espionage, assassins and killer robots… Oh My!

THE THIRD KESTRAL VOYAGE: Carolyn Kestral and the crew of the Mary, as well as Coray Gheris of the Jovian Skies, get caught in a crossfire of rival corporate entities, con men, assassins and killer robots, all centered around the House of Jacquarelle… and in the process, they discover a shocking secret about one of their own!

Yes, Kestral and crew are back, trying to keep out of trouble, and as usual, having a hard time doing so. When they end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, the incredible backstory of one of the crew is revealed!

“Steven Lyle is one great story teller. The books grab you and make you want more.” (Read the full review on

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Caught between two rival… planets

From the environmentally-themed The Lens, we swing back to a rollicking adventure romp with the crews of the Mary and the Jovian Skies.

Even in the future, there will be corporate espionage. But when entire planets are involved, the stakes—as well as the consequences—may be much higher. So Carolyn Kestral discovers when she and the crew of the Mary inadvertently get caught between two rival planets in the Lyrae system, whose corporate one-upmanship is escalating into life-threatening severity. As it happens, Captain Coray Gheris of the Jovian Skies is caught up in the same corporate feud, but from another angle, bringing the two freight-hauling lovers together once again to meet a planetary leader and to salvage a desperately dangerous situation.

And as things go spiraling out of control (as they’re wont to do), we are introduced to a new character in the Kestral saga: Danny Marter, an eager negotiator whose relative youth belies her incredible ability to close a deal, and whose luck (or lack thereof) brings her into Kestral’s circle. And we discover shocking secrets in the background of one of the crew… but far be it from me to give that away. You want to know? Read and find out!


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