The Kestral Voyages: My Life, After Berserker


cover of The Kestral Voyages: My Life, After BerserkerThe Kestral Voyages: My Life, After Berserker

The beginning of the popular Kestral saga!

Exposure to the enemy’s Berserker virus forces Commander Carolyn Kestral to resign her Ranger commission and restart her career as a lowly freighter captain. But her decision not to tell her new crew about the virus comes back to bite her, creating a rift between her and her crew almost immediately. And there is a question of whether the virus is still capable of being activated, turning her into a lethal human weapon.

If the virus is merely dormant, will it be set off by a clandestine first-run and a dangerous deep-space encounter with the Spiders, the ones who created the virus?  Will her crew stick around long enough to find out?  Join Carolyn, ex-Ranger Mark O’Bannon, engineer Sarander Fi, his wife Tirri Riza, and ship’s cook and farmer Angel Shakra, as they try to survive their first mission together!

The Kestral Voyages have captured the imagination of fans who loved the drama, excitement and fun of TV shows like Star Trek, Firefly and Babylon 5! Popular demand has inspired additional stories following the crew of the Mary, as they try to make a living, stay out of trouble, and keep their lives from getting too boring!

“Mr. Jordan has a good sense of action, and a great interest in the minutiae of running a space ship… It’s a worthwhile read.”

“All in all a thoroughly enjoyable read. If you preferred the original Star Trek series over the later incarnations then you’ll love this. 7/10.”

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The Kestral Voyages were originally conceived as my answer to the type of Star Trek series I’d like to see: Specifically, a series that told the story of the civilian part of the Federation that we rarely see—we caught a glimpse of it now and then, and saw civilians living and working amongst Starfleet personnel in Deep Space Nine, but we’ve actually seen very little of how average people live under the Federation banner.

Although many who read this novel may recall the crew of a certain Firefly-class freighter, this novel has much more in common with characters from a Star Trek novel, Prime Directive, and in fact was developed before Firefly ever-so-briefly graced our screens.  In Prime Directive, Captain Kirk gets the help of a freighter captain, Anne Gavreau, who was once a Starfleet officer, but had realized she would not be given command of a starship (supposedly, because she was a woman, and because, in the original series, that was still a thing); so she’d resigned and went civilian.  Carolyn Kestral’s situation is similar to Gavreau’s, though her troubles had nothing to do with being a woman… my future is a bit more forward-thinking than that.

In creating Kestral and her crew, I found a great way to examine life in a galaxy full of humans and sort-of humans, without resorting to regularly-spaced battles and enemy aliens on the planet of the week.  This is the future that will likely be experienced by the regular people—you and me.  But even without para-military missions and God-like adversaries, it’s just as exciting.

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