sarcology cover 2014Sarcology

Human beings aren’t always flesh and blood.

A beautiful scientist being blackmailed for past indiscretions is unexpectedly forced to steal valuable corporate technology for her blackmailer… and the Teal Detective Agency is brought in to protect her and the corporation’s assets.

But when a sophisticated robot prototype is activated to assist in the case, blackmail is unexpectedly replaced with assassination. And in the trauma following the first attack, the robot becomes vital to the case—and a lifeline to one detective’s past.

“I have read many of Steve’s books and although they are all good, this one outshines them all. Well written, suspenseful and loaded with lots of speculative ideas about robotics. I assume that these ideas are all here now or within a possibility. I REALLY enjoyed reading this book… His best yet. I rate this one at 5 stars.”

“In Sarcology, Steve has another winner: a fast-paced thriller, full of corporate espionage, love, sex and murder. This is a roller-coaster of a novel, with highs and lows, and I could not wait to find out what happens next.”

“Without realizing it you will find yourself drawn into the lives and feelings of the characters, and the effort put into character development will pay off in a major way halfway through the book. Prepare to get emotional… The philosophical questions it generates are interesting, the characters are very well done, and it’s an interesting ride that comes to a satisfying conclusion, something very hard to do.”

“The plot is very tightly done and goes from blackmail to industrial espionage to murder, to domestic terrorism and a plot to divert highly sensitive military secrets to hostile nations without any seams or glaring “drop offs” of narrative. And the denouement chase scene is well-crafted and tense without going over the top at any time… The story rolls along quickly and doesn’t have any slow spots or info dumps that can plague near-future SF quite often. The concepts of science are woven into the narrative and serve to convey the “differentness” of the future, without taking over the plot. I thoroughly recommend this book. You will not be disappointed.”

“A steamy sex scene and the start of an investigation into black mail, espionage and intrigue. An interesting story of the not too distant future with autonomous autos, robots and the effect they will have on our society. Quite different from Steven’s earlier stories but definitely an exciting criminal investigation story set in a realistic near future. I thoroughly enjoyed the story.”

Gold Star winner in The Book cover design competition, 2013

Book Designer Gold Star award

Gold Star design award given for the cover of Sarcology, 2013

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“Sarcology: The study of the soft tissues of the body.”

Sarcology touches on one of the greatest philosophical debates of our time: What does it mean to be human, and will robots and A.I. ever be considered as human as you and me?

As Artificial Intelligence and robotics systems improve, we are looking at the strong possibility that robots could be walking and talking among us, very soon.  But will we consider them as less than human, as servants and slaves… or will we be able to see them as equals?  Maybe even more important: Can they become companions deserving of our affection… even love?

Sarcology is a story about relationships—human and robotic—and how they impact a deadly game of blackmail, corporate espionage and assassination in the near future robotics arena.

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