cover for Evoguia, drama/adventure by Steven Lyle JordanEvoguía

The next generation of Mankind

A scientist develops a revolutionary breakthrough in accessing the untapped potential in humans, and in so doing, sows the seeds of a decades-spanning conflict between Homo Sapiens and her first test subjects—a 98-pound weakling, a police detective, a boy with learning difficulties and an illness-prone woman—who become the first generation of Homo Evoguía… the Self-Evolved Man.

“…highly emotive…sure to make the reader consider their own position were they to be placed on either side of the Evoguía divide. 9/10.”

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My main intent, in writing Evoguía, was to point out that mucking around with DNA isn’t necessarily the only way to improve the species. In fact, as complex as DNA is, I believe we may be better off looking into some of the methods I describe in Evoguía to improve the mind and body. In the novel, four volunteer subjects try her method and show marked success at augmenting their physiologies. In the novel this turns out to be a springboard for some very unexpected developments, which ultimately have worldwide, generation-spanning consequences. But what would you expect from such a ground-breaking achievement?
Which brings me to my secondary intent in writing this story: That sometimes it isn’t the achievement, but the reaction to it, that dictates how good or bad the achievement is.  This story is about the fear and distrust that ferments when people seek to improve themselves… and succeed.

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