Despite Our Shadows


cover of Despite Our ShadowsDespite Our Shadows

Who’s in more danger… the heiress, or the detective?

In 2007, heiress Ellen Levinson vanished from a downtown Washington hotel under mysterious circumstances. Four years later, a series of blackmail letters leads investigator Alain Guest to Nashville, in search of the missing heiress. But things go wrong quickly, getting Alain tangled up with a local Goth girl who forces him to deal with his own damaged past. As the investigation threatens to crumble, Alain’s mental state just may go down with it…

A sexy noir mystery (not science fiction), recently fleshed out and restored to its original literary intention!

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Despite Our Shadows is the only non-science fiction title in my catalog; a number of fans had suggested that I try my hand at a mystery, and this was my response to the challenge.  It turned out to be less a mystery and more of a noir tale of investigator Alain Guest (that’s Uh-lane, not Ee-lane) and his efforts to shake free of his past, as he pursued a girl who may have been destroyed by her past… and I think it was a better story for that.

It’s a story that also pushes sexual boundaries, for the characters, and for the reader.  There is no “G”-rated version of this story; it’s raw, rough-and-tumble and unapologetic.  You’ve been warned.


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