Chasing the Light


cover of Chasing the LightChasing the Light

Love and redemption in energy-starved America

Tom Everson, forced to flee his home during the 2019 oil riots, returns eight years later to find the girl he had to leave behind, start a business and make a life for them both. But he had to sneak into the country illegally, the energy situation has only gotten worse, and the country may break out in renewed riots at any time! Did Tom arrive at exactly the wrong moment?

This is a romantic boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy returns to find girl story, set amidst the turmoil surrounding America’s now and future energy crisis, and revealing a United States you may not recognize.

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This isn’t just a look at America’s post-oil future; it’s also a romantic adventure.  Tom Everson may have been torn from his love by America’s energy-inspired collapse, but he won’t let that stop him from finding his love and restarting his life!

In the process, we see an America that has weathered the oil collapse and discovered new, resourceful ways to power their world and their lives.  If you wonder what a post-oil world might look like, look no further than here, and see what American innovation can achieve.


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