As the Mirror Cracks


Cover of As the Mirror CracksAs the Mirror Cracks

Saving the real and virtual worlds!

The Mirror is more than just another virtual reality; it is a worldwide phenomenon, with average and exotic character “reflections,” a unique physics of its own, and social, political and financial aspects that are deeply entwined with those of the real world.

So when a plot is uncovered to destroy The Mirror, it’s serious.

It’s a race to save The Mirror, and the real world with it, played out by the most clever minds in both worlds and led by a mild-mannered reporter and his reflection… the ultimate Mirror superhero, Zenith!

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The Mirror gives me another excuse to explore one of my favorite subjects, modern hero mythology, or as it is more commonly named, super-heroes.  In this story, you might recognize many of the characters as being loosely-based on other characters out of modern myth, as represented by motion pictures, cartoons and comic books.  Some of them are direct references to existing characters, like the Martian War Machines from H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds.  Others are amalgams of other characters, or just of popular traits and ideas (see how many similarities to popular characters you can find… might make a good drinking game).

Thanks to the wonders of virtual reality, people can experience what it’s like to be a superhero… even save the world.  This story takes that idea and runs with it… at super-speed!

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