Right Brane logoSteven Lyle Jordan’s books are available in ebook formats at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.  Novels are all copyright ©Steven Lyle Jordan.  All rights reserved.

sarcology cover 2014Sarcology—When a sophisticated robot prototype is activated to assist in a blackmail investigation, blackmail for corporate secrets is unexpectedly replaced with assassination.  And in the trauma following the first attack, the robot becomes vital to the case—and a lifeline to investigator Jessica Teal’s heart.

The Verdant series—

cover of Verdant SkiesVerdant Skies—The devastating eruption of the Yellowstone Caldera triggers worldwide panic and mass exodus to the four city-satellites in Earth orbit.  But as the satellites prepare to repel boarders they cannot support, a secret group has other plans to save the satellite Verdant.Now available in print!
cover for Verdant PioneersVerdant Pioneers—The satellite Verdant, cut off from Earth and struggling to survive in deep space, must decide whether it’s safe to return home after making the discovery of the age… and after losing a ship and its crew.

The Kestral Voyages—

cover of The Kestral Voyages: My Life, After BerserkerMy Life, After Berserker—Carolyn Kestral barely survived being a Galarchy Ranger; but secrets hidden from her new civilian crew, clandestine missions and run-ins with the Spiders in deep space may just finish her off!
cover of The LensThe Lens—Kestral and crew journey to a planet being terraformed to help a friend in need… and discover the planet itself may not want them to leave!
cover of The Kestral Voyages: The House of JacquarelleThe House of Jacquarelle—Kestral and their crew stumble into a rich family’s struggles with a rival corporation, complete with assassins and killer robots… and discover a shocking secret about one of their own!
Cover of As the Mirror CracksAs the Mirror Cracks—The virtual world known as The Mirror is under threat—and if it crashes, the real world will crash with it.  It’s a race to save The Mirror, led by a mild-mannered reporter and his virtual alter-ego: The superhero Zenith!
cover of Chasing the LightChasing the Light—A young man, chased from his home during America’s first oil riots, returns to find his lost love and begin again… but the country’s continued energy struggles may ruin their chances for redemption and romance.
Worldfarm One—An American discovers that prejudice, distrust and unintended association with criminals may ruin his new position at Worldfarm One.  Sometimes, being a foreigner can suck.
cover for Evoguia, drama/adventure by Steven Lyle JordanEvoguía—A scientist discovers an amazing way to improve the human condition, and unintentionally kick-starts the next step in human evolution.
cover of Despite Our ShadowsDespite Our Shadows—Chasing down a missing heiress leads an investigator into the goth and bondage scene, and perilously close to the edge of his own psyche. (Not science fiction)

Also of note: Concepts presented in my books.

Right Brane ePublications is devoted to producing high-quality ebooks for appreciative audiences.  It is the Right Brane philosophy that we need trees more than we need paper; that it is time to embrace the 21st century’s more flexible, practical, efficient and environmentally friendly mode of story packaging and delivery.

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