Distilled Literature


Literature is literature; it does not matter whether it is captured on stone, clay, papyrus, cloth, linen, rag, wood pulp or electrons.

Ebooks represent, to me, the distillation of literature into its purest form, words independent of their container.  As distilled literature, it has a multitude of display possibilities, capable of being customized by each individual reader.  They can be stored and carried by the hundreds, the thousands, the millions, in a space the size of your thumbnail.  Ebooks are the future of literature.

As our environmental impact demands that we preserve our natural resources as much as possible, and as more and more people worldwide obtain electronic devices that can read digital documents and literature, so it makes sense to support the transition from paper-based books—which are bulky and require extensive resources and power to produce, transport and store—to electronic books, which require virtually no energy to reproduce, need no space to store, and can travel electronically. We need trees more than we need paper.  Ebooks fit our environmentally-sensitive, space-conscious, ultra-portable world of today and tomorrow.

Ebooks, when combined with modern computing and the web, have served to liberate literature from the shackles placed upon it by dominating publishing houses, the high costs of producing and dissemination, and the vagaries of the markets and media.  Where once, a book only made it into a bookstore when a major publishing house allowed it, now anyone can put a book up for sale online, independent of outside resistance.

To take full advantage of the ebook market, I sell my ebooks in multiple formats according to market demand.  My books all have excerpts available, at least 3 chapters, to allow visitors to sample a significant part of the work before buying.  I also sell my books without the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM), since the many forms of DRM available to ebooks are largely ineffective.  I created this marketing and sales model, the RightBrane model, in 2006, and it has served well to promote my work, and ebooks in general.

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