Wild Cards Winter cometh


Wild Cards LowballI just learned yesterday that there would be a new Wild Cards novel coming out in November.  Lowball is a Wild Cards “Mosaic” novel (which should mean that the various parallel-running stories and characters meet up in a grand finale at the end), the followup to the WC novel Fort Freak.

Then, in checking the Amazon pages for the drop date of Lowball (November 2), I discovered that the ebook reissue of the fourth Wild Cards novel, Aces Abroad, will be released on January 13.  So, good winter to come for us Wild Cards fans! Continue reading

Time for a Wild Cards TV series


Wild Cards Americans, as a TV culture, have shown ourselves to be truly enamored with two things at the moment: Superheroes; and George R.R. Martin.  His Game of Thrones, with its unique characters, conflicts, violence, sex and dragons, is eating up the airwaves… while right beside it, we watch Arrow and Agents of SHIELD, subscribe to Netflix so we can check out new superhero-based programming soon to be shown there, and go out to see The Avengers and Captain America in the movies while we await The Flash and Batman vs. Superman and the Justice League.

Truly there can be no better time to request—no, I say demand—that the Wild Cards series must be adopted for television, right friggin’ now. Continue reading