Concepts presented in Steven Lyle Jordan books


A recent customer asked me to list the significant science and engineering elements that have been featured in my novels.  The idea was that the list would give an idea about the kind of science I was interested in, and the general slant of my books.  This is not to suggest I “invented” all of these ideas myself; but some of them are unique and created by me, or independently of its use in other books.

Once I finished the list, I thought it was a pretty good list to share… so, here goes: Continue reading

As The Mirror Cracks: Superheroes you can believe in, and a worldwide threat to suit them


cover of As The Mirror CracksMy latest re-release delves into one of my favorite subjects: Modern mythology, or, as they are more commonly referred to, Superheroes.  Having grown up around the many comic books and cartoons about the colorful exploits of these demigod-like characters, I’ve always fantasized about a world where superheroes could actually exist.  In As The Mirror Cracks, I’ve managed to create such a world, and it is totally believable… because it is, in fact, a virtual world that people in the real world can visit.

The story of As The Mirror Cracks centers around a fully-immersive virtual world called The Mirror, one that has become so widespread and popular that people from all over the world regularly spend time within its digital boundaries, working to earn money that can be spent in the real world, and (if they have enough money) customize their avatars, or in The Mirror’s case, “reflections,” to suit their tastes.  Many reflections are as hyper-real as they can be made, and some of them are superheroes.  Suddenly, we can become superheroes and save the day. Continue reading