Video review: Star Tr… uh… Steamboy!


Steamboy, Sony Pictures.

Yes, due to the innumerable requests I’ve had to weigh in on the latest Star Trek movie, I’ve decided to… review Steamboy!   (Because I’d much rather avoid the trainwreck of the latest JJ Abrams Trek movies and enjoy a great steampunk animated feature instead.)

Steamboy: Creation of Katsuhiro Otomo, the incredible artist who brought us AkiraSteamboy, the animated feature-length film that took ten years for The Steamboy Committee (a conglomeration of production houses that cooperated on the film, much like the production arrangement for Akira) to produce.

Alas, Sony Pictures did not expect much of a reception by American audiences (must have been all those British accents… Americans apparently hate accents that aren’t attached to supermodels), and gave this a limited release… so don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying, “Steam-wha?”  But having adored Akira, and being that I am currently exploring the realms of Steampunk fiction, I’m glad I finally had a chance to see this film. Continue reading

Making novels feel real


Steven Lyle JordanI recently heard from a reader who wanted me to know how much he’d enjoyed how my stories had drawn him into the narrative.  He specified Verdant Pioneers, and described a scene where one of the female characters is reunited with a beau that appeared in Verdant Skies He described the moment with a series of words from the book, which I immediately recognized, and then lamented that not only did he strongly feel that moment, but he felt bad that he’d never felt such a powerful emotion directed at himself!

(Yeah, join the club.  We have T-shirts.)

I’m not writing about this to brag, but to point out the difference between different writing styles, and how they affect readers. Continue reading

Steampunk fashion in your future?


Gary Oldman wearing PradaThe media has recently been abuzz about a statement from IBM that, according to analysis by one of their supercomputers, Steampunk style will be big in the coming fashion seasons.

(By “the media,” of course, I mean a few sci-fi and steampunk-centric blogs… full disclosure Steve)

IBM’s supercomputers apparently noticed a lot of steampunk-related chatter on blogs and gaming sites, and therefore made the prediction that steampunk was the next Big Thing, and we’d all soon be looking like Gary Oldman in his recent Prada photoshoot (left).

So, what’s the real likelihood that we’ll be checking out steampunk fashions at Target soon? Continue reading