America: Still convinced our gun fetish is good?


elliot rodgerWelcome to the new photo you’ll find in the dictionary, listed under “misogynist entitled crazy whiny asshole prick whom we’re glad is no longer taking up space on our planet.”

elliot rodger (whose name no longer deserves the courtesy of capitalization) is the latest in a string of people who have demonstrated a severe inability to handle normal life, lashing out because he’s upset that his rich family, BMW 3 Series-driving self hasn’t gotten laid.  It’s days like this that I wish there was a God and heaven; because if there was, God himself would have met the boy at the pearly gates, and slapped him so hard in a downward direction that he wouldn’t have stopped falling until his eyeballs were burning.  Forever and ever.  AMEN.

But rodger is also the latest in a string of evidence that our national gun fetish is impractical, unworkable, unsupportable and downright dangerous to the majority of law-abiding, peace-loving Americans. Continue reading

Worldfarm One and the End of the American Century


cover of Worldfarm OneWhen I originally wrote Worldfarm One—the story of a man from the United States who travels to Brazil to work, and learns the hard way how hard immigration can be—I expected there to be comments about the characters, about the sexuality and sex-role-reversals, the casting-couch business practices, the feed-the-world model, the prejudice, even my descriptions of Manaus and the surrounding Amazonian regions in the book.

I was surprised, therefore, to discover the greatest number of comments generated by the book were about the idea that the United States would, in the future, lose its status of “greatest nation of the world,” and because of economic hardships, American citizens would be forced to immigrate to other countries with greater opportunities to make a living. Continue reading