My list of the greatest SF moments in TV and cinema


enterprise_in_drydock_600Lists.  We love ’em, we make ’em, we argue over ’em, we share ’em.  And every now and then, we see a list that just demands that we respond with: “That’s a nice list; but here’s what it should have had…”

A recent list (on The Observation Deck) of the greatest science fiction moments that made you “weep for joy” made me think of SF’s greatest visual moments from my memory, and I realized that my list couldn’t include just F@&# YEAH! moments, but heartbreaking moments as well.  After all, SF’s greatest trait is its ability to make you rethink your world, and that doesn’t just come from cool explosions.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, is my list of the greatest SF (visual) moments of TV and cinema, and how they impacted me. Continue reading

Characterizations: Try the casting approach


Adama and RamiusDo you sometimes have trouble finding and maintaining different “voices” or mannerisms for your various fictional novel characters?  Have people accused your characters of acting and sounding the same, beyond gross differences in their makeup?  Authors can struggle with this, especially those new to creating fictional characters for a story.

If you’d like a new way to manage this issue, try one of my favorite characterization tools: For each character, imagine a particular actor in a particular role as playing that character. Continue reading