Rewriting myself


writing on computerOkay, bear with me, because I can’t give any specifics without risking contract violations and being hunted like a dog and shot down in a dark alley… but I’m rather proud of myself at the moment, so you get what I can give you.

I’ve been working on a teleplay (whose details I can’t divulge at this time… see paragraph above).  The original idea was not mine, but that of a television producer I’m working with on a few projects.  He recently asked me to do a treatment of his concept so we’d have something to present to the networks, and gave me his notes.  But then he told me to “try my own take” on the show, and see what I came up with.

So I looked over the notes, and started to make some changes to the characters, in a way that I thought would improve the series.  I came up with an opening episode that I thought would hook viewers, and started writing.  I added some great moments to define the characters and the flavor of the series, added a few nice gags, et voilà: One TV script. Continue reading

New TV projects for me!


Steven Lyle JordanI was recently told that the TV show premise I’d written was almost picked up by SYFY… except that they had just recently purchased another show very much like mine!  (In other words, late to the party…D’OH!)

However, I was also told that another idea by my TV production contact had attracted the attention of a network, and they want to see more.  As in, some scripts to kick off the show.  And since no one has, as yet, written any… they’ve turned to me to do the honors.

Yes, this is another one of those “I’d tell you the details, but then I’d have to kill you” moments.  What I can say is that the original idea is not mine; but I’ve spent enough time talking to the developers on it that I believe I can put together a dynamite set of opening episodes for it.

So, off I go into my creative world, with a new project to sell and someone already showing interest in it… if I don’t screw it up, of course.  Fingers crossed!