Star Trek: Federation


Star Trek: Federation logoI was just recently introduced to a concept for a Star Trek TV series, conceived of about ten years ago to pitch to Paramount/CBS.  It has re-entered the news recently since Star Trek is rapidly coming up on its 50th anniversary, and so many people would like to see a new Trek TV series on the air when the date hits.

Alas, this idea was never actually pitched to Paramount/CBS, as JJ Abrams came along and made his new movie, which did well enough that Paramount put aside the idea of creating a new TV show for the foreseeable future.  Recent rumors, largely circulated by Latino Review, that this series idea was actually in development, apparently have no basis in fact.

And it’s a shame, because Star Trek: Federation, while maybe not being a perfectly fleshed out proposal, nonetheless has some great ideas for a new Trek series. Continue reading

100 best Star Trek episodes, ranked


Star_Trek_The_Doomsday_MachineIO9 recently asked its readers for their contributions to the list of best 100 episodes of the Star Trek television franchise (the Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and the Animated Series).  I contributed to this list, and both of my suggestions (Voyager’s Memorial and the Original Series’ The Doomsday Machine) made the list.

Shoulda been higher ranked, though.  Just sayin’.  (And this documentary on The Doomsday Machine proves it.)