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Denial of ServiceThe Denial of Service episodes have been added to the FREE Reads section, for your enjoyment.

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Excerpts are updated


Steven Lyle JordanJust an FYI: I’ve updated the novel excerpts on these pages to match the excerpts I’m adding to the opening of each novel (which means, they are no longer simply the first three chapters of the book, but they are better representative of the overall feel of the novel).  You’ll find the excerpts after each novel page in the Original Novels link.

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Self-driving cars: Where does the real resistance come from?


Google self-driving car prototypeGoogle’s recent announcement that they would be unveiling a self-driving vehicle prototype soon spawned a lot of the reactions you’d expect from such an announcement, mostly split between “cold, dead hands”-type comments to outrageous hazard-challenges that would give Mario Andretti pause.

I’d hate to chalk it all up to just plain technophobia; however, we have seen this kind of denial about new technologies before—for instance, when the Horseless Carriage was first introduced—and the song seems to be the same, note for note, but with the addition of synthesizer quaver and a bit of traffic sound sampling to remind us that it’s 2014.

But we’ve seen automated cars in movies like Minority Report.  I’ve written about them in my novels Sarcology and Chasing the Light.  And although they’re not depicted as death machines in popular media, they are still thought of that way by the public.  Why?

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Orbiting habitat design

Kalpana spacehab

Bryan Versteeg,

I love this habitat design, and this shot.  It’s very similar in design to what I specified for the satellite Verdant (in Verdant Skies), with the exception that Verdant was longer than it was in diameter; this is more a drum, where Verdant was a cylinder.

The hubs feature balcony levels, which, in Verdant Skies, rotated independently so as to provide either 1G simulated gravity equal to the main interior, or varying degrees of lower gravity, right down to a full counter-rotation to create 0 gravity, for medical or research uses.  It also features the “sun column,” the axis that bridges both sides of the hab and provides heat and light to the interior.

Edit: Turns out the creator, Brian Versteeg, has named this the Kalpana One Space Settlement.  He provides additional renders and great detail on it at Gizmodo.

Kalpana One Space Settlement

Next revision: Despite Our Shadows


cover of Despite Our ShadowsDespite Our Shadows, my sexy noir non-SF story, is the next novel to be upgraded.  I’m on it right now, giving it the mandatory editing pass… and as I work, I’m discovering that I’m considering again the elements that constituted the major change in the first revision. Continue reading

Chasing elusive technologies


cover of Chasing the LightIn a continuation of my 2014 catalog revitalization, I have re-released Chasing the Light, with a redesigned cover and a fresh editing pass.  I’ve also updated the dates referenced, since the years originally cited in the original 2008 novel have already reached us, and I wanted this novel to remain just a few years in our future.

Revisiting this novel caused me to think about so many of the technologies mentioned in the story: At the time of the original writing, these were technologies on the drawing board, and expected to be well into production, if not ready for sale, in just a few years; yet, six years after the original writing of this novel, these technologies have still not come to pass, or in most cases, have not even moved into preliminary production stages.  What happened? Continue reading

Invasive technologies define the future of Sarcology


sarcology cover 2014Invasive technologies, by definition, tend to have the most initial resistance to their introduction to society.  It can be hard to imagine a future world in which new and sometimes disturbing, often painfully-disruptive technologies come to be accepted, even common, parts of our lives.

Sarcology, recently updated and re-released, depicts a future world full of these invasive technologies, making it easy for the reader to question the likelihood and desirability of this future reality.

But given time, and often contrary to public perception, we have seen that even the most invasive of tech can overcome initial resistance and become accepted, even ubiquitous, in society. Continue reading

The Book Chums interview


Here’s a link to my latest interview at Book Chums, an Indian book lovers’ community site.

New Verdant covers


Have a gander at the latest covers for Verdant Skies and Verdant Pioneers, both available on re-released novels, which also include updated contact information.

cover of Verdant Skies

cover for Verdant Pioneers

Know anyone looking for exciting futurist fiction?  Now you know what to show them.