Rage against the dying of our future


Chike DelunaAuthor Chike Deluna has some good observations in his blog post, Has modern Sci Fi strayed too far from its roots? In it, he points out that science fiction in movies and television have undergone a major shift in recent years, from scientific discovery and social introspection to militaristic obsession.  And I have to agree with him. Continue reading

Kestral found!


It can take forever for a designer (without his own studio) to find a model shot from the online image catalogs that perfectly represents the character he’s trying to depict.  After much searching, I’ve finally found the model and pose perfectly suited to represent Captain Carolyn Kestral.

2014 cover design

All of my covers are going to undergo a redesign for 2014, and my new design for the first Kestral novel will introduce a likeness that matches almost spot-on the woman I originally envisioned for ex-Ranger-turned-freighter-captain Carolyn Kestral.  Sharp-eyed viewers may also notice that Kestral’s ship, the Mary, has undergone a new design treatment as well.  All this, with the new cover design that the rest of my novels will get.  The cover designs are still being finalized, but this is pretty close to the final design here.

The covers will be swapped into the ebooks for sale at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and (soon) Kobo Books.  Hope you like them!