Review: Star Trek Into Daftness

enterprise crash and burn

Star Trek: Into Darkness (Paramount)

Okay, right off I’m going to say the very first thing that came to mind when this movie was over:

“Thank the Great Bird of the Galaxy that I did not waste $28 to see this in a theatre.”

Yes, I easily resisted going to this movie when it hit the circuit, due to expectations that it would be a sloppy retelling of The Wrath of Khan, which wasn’t a great movie to begin with.  But a colleague asked me to see the movie at some point, because he wanted to know my opinion of it, especially given my love of Star Trek and my opinion of Wrath of Khan.  It just came available for rental on cable, so I’ve dutifully thrown away $6 and watched it with my wife.

So, without further ado, I am here to report that this Star Trek movie was ridiculous.  Patently.  Ridiculous. Continue reading

The Wrath of Khan sucked. Yes. It did.


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