Sarcology is now on sale


sarcology cover 2014Sarcology, my sixteenth novel, is now available at my site, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. (There is a $1.00 discount when ordering through my site.)

On its surface, Sarcology is a futurist detective adventure: A husband-and-wife detective agency must help a scientist who has been blackmailed, forced to regularly submit to her blackmailer’s sexual appetites in order to keep her past indiscretions secret; but the blackmailer has suddenly moved up from sex to corporate secrets, and now he must be stopped.

But the heart of the story is in the relationship between Allen and Jessica Teal, the detective couple… and, later, between Jessica and a robot prototype that enters her life, carrying the memories of her husband. Jessica must soon try to decide whether the robot is simply mimicking her husband, or if her husband is trapped inside a robotic body… and whether that should make a difference.

A Press Kit providing more details about the novel is now available through

Fashion and workplace (lack of) equality


sexy legsIn the news today is a 200-year-old French law that’s just been overturned for being, basically, outdated and pointless: A ban on women’s trousers.  Though it hasn’t been seriously observed for quite some time, France finally decided to strike the old law, designed (when it was written) to keep women out of certain job opportunities.

This strikes me as interesting—not just because it gives me an excuse to show the picture at left—but because the issue of sexual equality in the workplace has always set me off by its obvious imbalance.  Continue reading

Despite Our Shadows: Sexier Lambs and Tigers


Despite Our ShadowsDespite Our Shadows is a re-release of an earlier title of mine, Lambs Hide, Tigers Seek.  This is also the only non-science fiction title in my catalog; a number of fans had suggested that I try my hand at a non-science fiction mystery, and this was my response to the challenge.  It turned out to be less a mystery and more of a noir tale of investigator Alain Guest (that’s Uh-lane, not Ee-lane) and his efforts to shake free of his past, as he pursued a girl who may have been destroyed by her past… and I think it was a better story for that.

The story is the same: In 2007, heiress Ellen Levinson vanished from a downtown Washington hotel under mysterious circumstances. Four years later, a series of blackmail letters leads investigator Alain Guest to Nashville, in search of the missing heiress. But things go wrong quickly, getting Alain tangled up with a local Goth girl who forces him to deal with his own damaged past. As the investigation threatens to crumble, Alain’s mental state just may go down with it… Continue reading

And now we know: UFO was 30 years ahead of its time


UFO's trademark UFOGerry Anderson’s 1970 series UFO, the show about a secret multi-government organization charged with repelling a constant alien invasion fleet, lasted only a season, and never did much in the ratings game.  Despite a great look and good production, people didn’t “get it;” it wasn’t showy like Star Trek, silly like Lost In Space or mysterious like The Twilight Zone.  (Brits: Insert your own TV references, please.)

But now we know why UFO didn’t make it: It was too far ahead of its time. Continue reading