Why can’t serious science fiction compete with this?


Godzilla 2014Sometimes, it just boggles my mind.  I try to write serious, intelligent and thoughtful fiction with real science, believable characters and groundbreaking ideas.  I believe there is a market for that kind of content.  Yet, when I turn on the TV or go to the movies, I see boy wizards, vampires, monsters and superheroes.  For every single movie like Solaris, we get the Marvel movie juggernaut.  For every series like Person of Interest, we get a thousand variations of Jersey Shore.  And, coming to a theatre near you: Godzilla.  A creature that was silly when it was invented, based loosely on crap pseudo-science, fifty years ago.

Is there really nothing about real, intelligent science that’s more compelling than all of this shlock? Continue reading

Desperately seeking futurist SF writers


Steven Lyle JordanBeing an independent self-published author, I’ve always sought to find other independent authors to enjoy… supporting the fraternity, as it were.  But from the very beginning, I’ve had a problem: I can’t find indie authors, like myself, writing the kind of SF novels that I write and enjoy.  There must be some; I can’t be the only futurist SF writer, or the last futurist writer who’s still independent or self-published.  Where are all my futurist SF writing homeys? Continue reading