An old show format for a modern SF TV show


Search TV series logoIn an earlier post or two, I’ve said that it’s time to move on from the Star Trek franchise and create a new SF TV franchise.  Why?  Because Star Trek was a show built around the concerns and issues of the latter half of the twentieth century; it is now time for a show that examines the issues of the nascent twenty-first century.

We’ve had a few SF shows come and go since then, and most of their formats have been pretty familiar (some of which because they were reboots).  But I was recently reminded of a show format that hasn’t been used in science fiction television for literally forty years: That of the TV series Search.  Maybe this particular format is due for a comeback. Continue reading

Extant: Just shy of working out

Halle Berry in Extant

Halle Berry in Extant (CBS)

Extant, the Halle Berry SF vehicle that tried to impress us this summer, turned out to be one of those cases of having all the right elements… and somehow just not using them right.

Part of me is glad we got it… the part that recognizes an attempt at serious science fiction television for what it is, that appreciates spending enough money to turn in good special effects and bring in actors who can act, that appreciates television producers willing to look further than the last successful movie waiting to be remade.

Nonetheless, I’m sorry it tripped over its own feet and did a header in our living rooms. Continue reading

Orphan Black: Serious SF for TV


Tatiana Maslany of Orphan Black

Why have I not broached the subject of Orphan Black on this blog before?  I honestly don’t know, because it’s just the kind of thing I love, as well as love talking about.  Orphan Black is one of my most favorite things in the world, the incredible rare bird.

Serious science fiction.

For television, dawg. Continue reading