The best science fiction


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There always seems to be discussion and debate about the various types of science fiction, and which is more popular, which is more serious, which is cooler, etc.  I have no problem saying, right up front, that whatever kind of science fiction you like—or whatever type of any genre, for that matter—is what you like, and there’s no need to rationalize or apologize for it to others.  (So, the next time the discussion comes up, I don’t want to have to separate the 2001 and Star Wars fans,  okay?  Groovy.)

That said, this is what I get the most out of from science fiction. Continue reading

The man behind Man Plus. RIP Frederik Pohl.


Man Plus coverFrederik Pohl, the acclaimed science fiction author behind one of my favorite novels, Man Plus, passed away today.

The list of novels he’s written, or edited, or presented in his magazine Galaxy, that I have not read, is too long to enumerate here.  Pohl was the very definition of prolific in his writing and editing.  Most importantly to me, his style and sensibilities helped to inspire me in many of my own writings.

Man Plus is a perfect example of this.  In Man Plus, scientists planning the first manned mission to Mars decide that a human needs to be “augmented” to properly survive on the Martian surface, and thereby to ensure the success of the mission.  Continue reading