Review: Mars Girl


Mars GirlI was introduced to Jeff Garrity’s Mars Girl years ago, when it could be said that the age of independent science fiction authors producing ebooks was still in its pre-Amazon renaissance.  In my recent search for more budding Sf authors, whom I hope to see much more of in the future, I came across this book again and decided to give it a second read.  I’m so glad I did.  (It’s easy for you to read it too, because it’s free.)

Mars Girl is that rare breed of science fiction dark satire, mostly a scathing and hilarious look at the future of the media news industry.  The story revolves around the big news item of the moment, in this case, a young girl on the first manned mission to Mars; and in the process, the story shows us a news media system addicted to ratings, fighting for commercial dollars, not afraid to stoop to sensationalism and stabbing its own people in the back, and eager to package its news as whatever kind of reality-show drama will win them the eyeballs that night. Continue reading

Desperately seeking futurist SF writers


Steven Lyle JordanBeing an independent self-published author, I’ve always sought to find other independent authors to enjoy… supporting the fraternity, as it were.  But from the very beginning, I’ve had a problem: I can’t find indie authors, like myself, writing the kind of SF novels that I write and enjoy.  There must be some; I can’t be the only futurist SF writer, or the last futurist writer who’s still independent or self-published.  Where are all my futurist SF writing homeys? Continue reading