Top 20 list defines sci-fi for 2015

Pacific Rim

Meet the iconic image of 21st century sci-fi.

My post about the Rolling Stone top-20 sci-fi movies of the 21st century—and my version of the top-20 list—inspired some interesting comments from all over, making clear that (ahem) my opinion about what makes the best sci-fi movies is shared by some, but not necessarily all, of the sci-fi lovers out there.  Of course, as I pointed out in many places, my opinion is my opinion, your opinion is your opinion, and that’s as far as opinions go, pretty much.

But the discussion was useful in another way: That is, to help define what constitutes sci-fi for the audience of 2015.  This is largely an academic exercise, but for those who seek to create sci-fi to be consumed by the populace (and make them a lot of money), if might be worth taking a quick look over these conclusions to make sure you’re doing it right. Continue reading

The author interviews the cast and crew of The Kestral Voyages: The Lens


cover of The Kestral Voyages: The Lens

An unutterably silly story, transcribed (with comments) from the MobileRead forums

Konichi-wa. I’m Steven Lyle Jordan, and I’ve been offered a rare opportunity. I am standing just outside of the space freighter Mary, featured in the novel My Life, After Berserker, and The Lens. I have been given permission to go on-board the Mary and speak to its cast—er, crew, about the upcoming novel, and anything else they want to talk about, before it is released! And as this is a sort-of pseudo kinda something like live feed, you, my MR friends, can also suggest questions for me to ask the crew, about anything you want! (And they may even answer you!)

Yeah! Cool, isn’t it? Just like a DVD extra! Continue reading

The Interview

Steven Lyle Jordan, author and futurist

Steven Lyle Jordan, author and futurist

The following comprises an interview script I wrote for fun… because I don’t expect to get a chance to film it, unless I use puppets or something…

Steven Lyle Jordan Interview Video

Int. Hallway

Steven Lyle Jordan (SLJ) walks down a deserted hallway with numbered doors on either side.  He is beside himself in excitement, and turns to speak over his shoulder at an unseen audience.


This is so exciting: My first televised interview!  When this airs, it should give my books sales a serious kick in the ass!  And can you imagine being interviewed by anyone better than…  Continue reading