Futura sketch


futura sketchI love this sketch, the Futura robot from Metropolis.  I think the artist’s name is Chintsiz—or maybe it’s Chints 2012—but if someone knows better, please let me know.

Robots: Tools, slaves and devils


Parody, the robot from MetropolisDon’t ask me how this works, but my blog stats indicate that one of the ways people have found my blog is through a Google search of the term “sex robat mariya.”  Which, to me, shows how hilarious and fickle search tools can be.

The Maria-impostor robot, or Parody (aka Futura), has always fascinated me.  It may be the most sympathetic character of Metropolis; caught between three tropes that almost universally push peoples’ buttons, the tool, the slave and the imposter. Continue reading