Mark Altman wants to turn Star Trek into the next Marvel movie universe. Good luck with that.


enterprise crash and burnEveryone in the entertainment industry is so fascinated by Marvel’s ability to churn out a series of excellent and popular interconnected movies that they are all seeking ways to duplicate Marvel’s success with other franchises.  Now Mark Altman has come forward with a pitch to do the same with Paramount’s sci-fi vehicle, Star Trek.

So much optimistic dreaming for such an optimistic series… but it all comes down to a pessimistic, purely profit-driven entity which demonstrably couldn’t care less about franchise quality: Paramount. Expecting them to step up and do the right thing by properly handling this franchise is a lot like expecting GM to start producing nothing but electric vehicles, or McDonalds to replace its menu with bowls of granola. Continue reading

The Wrath of Khan sucked. Yes. It did.


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