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Two writing challenges from Sci-Fi Ideas have been added to FREE Reads:


How to Kill a Cyborg Dinosaur


cyborg dinosaurA flash fiction submittal of mine has just been posted to SciFi Ideas: How to Kill a Cyborg Dinosaur.  I’ll add it here in a few days.  For now, go to SciFi and enjoy!

Flash Fiction for your enjoyment: Little Earth


Ending a semi-official 2-year hiatus from writing, I’ve just penned a flash-fiction piece for

The piece is part of a project they’re running, in which authors submit stories to accompany a set of images supplied by Framestore; then they will supply new images to go with the chosen stories submitted, collect new flash-fiction writing, etc, until they will (hopefully) get a coherent and entertaining story out of it!  And it might even be published!  Huzzah!

Anyway, attached are the images in question, followed by my submittal, which I call “Little Earth”… enjoy!

Courtesy Framestore

Courtesy Framestore

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