Ocean cleaning is on the table


SeawerOut of a skyscraper design competition comes an idea that’s not designed to scrape the skies, but clean the seas.

The Seawer is a machine designed to ply the world’s oceans, generating power from flowing seawater while it filters the trash that floats on the seas. Continue reading

The debate over solar (freakin’) roadways


solar roadway artist's conceptIn 2009, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (disclosure: I was once an employee of a Beltway Bandit working for the FHWA… so I know for a fact that they exist), seeking a way to deal with the high cost of building and maintaining the American road system, contracted a husband-and-wife team to develop an idea they’d already been working on, a mass-produceable road tile that would not only provide a suitable surface for vehicles, but actually generate power to create heat and light for itself, and to pump back into the nation’s energy grid.

So began the entertaining saga of Solar Freakin’ Roadways. Continue reading