What always beats privacy?


loyalty cardsFor years, scientists, media, politicians and public citizens—hell, pretty much everybody—has been cautioning screaming about the pervasive and invasive tendencies of the digital revolution, its inexorable collection of data related to every aspect of our lives, the erosion of personal privacy and the eventual collapse of civilization that will result.  Yet, when laws and regulations are proposed to rein in this collection of data and loss of privacy, they are always delayed, watered down or struck down… and often by the very people who decry the loss of privacy in the first place.

Why is it that people who are so concerned about their personal privacy can’t seem to prevent others from getting their data?  Because that’s not what we really want. Continue reading

Am I becoming an iBorg?


Last year, I won an iPad at the office Christmas party.  I keep it at the living room sofa, my go-to device to check out online content that relates to the TV shows I’m watching… or, if the wife is watching something I’m not into, to call up and read digital comics.

Last month, I bought an iPod Nano 6G.  I was using my Droid cellphone to listen to music, but a constant problem with the audio jack forced me to seek an alternative.  I wanted something that would take up very little space, allow me to find and play what music I wanted to play, occasionally scare up a radio broadcast (like when I wanted a news, traffic or weather report), and that was about it.  This also means using iTunes to load music into the Nano.

So: I’m using an iPad, an iPod, and iTunes.  Am I becoming an iBorg? Continue reading