The REAL elephant in the room


elephant in the roomAt a recent meeting of the Woman’s Writing Festival, the future of mainstream publishers was brought up.  Though it was a casual comment at first, the subject became more insistent, with some suggesting that soon the majority of books available to the public would be self-published, essentially putting most traditional publishers out of business.

Although the discussion of these writers centered around the impact on writers of the traditional publishers’ absence, I don’t see that as the big issue writers should be addressing.  I also don’t see the balance between self-published and traditionally-published books to be the big issue.  The real issue here is this: When most books available to the public are self-published, how is the public going to find them? Continue reading

The ulterior motive


buy_my_booksI enjoy writing about and discussing existing and potential science and technology, and the amazing possibilities for our future.  It’s fun discussing science fiction movies and TV shows, and debating what we’d like to see in SF entertainment.

But I must confess that I do have an ulterior motive for discussing these things on my blog, posting links to it on Facebook and Twitter and mentioning it on sites like Tor and IO9: It’s because I want people who believe I know something about science, futurism and science fiction to come here and discover that I’ve written my own science fiction and futurist novels.  And I want those people, having discovered my books, to buy them. Continue reading

Facebook: 10.4 percent of nothing


Let’s see… 10.4% of nothing is…

An article on Saturday’s Mashable illustrates the relative amount of traffic driven to publishers from various methods of social media, and makes it clear that Facebook sends more customers to publishers than any other social media combined.

Editor Neil Marr went so far as to say to his Facebook followers: “Trying to sell your book? Seems you’re at the right place.”

But once again, I’m presented with the incredible dichotomy between the realities for mainstream publishers and the realities for self-publishers… most notably, myself. Continue reading

My confession


Steven Lyle JordanI have a confession to make.

This is kind of hard for me, because I’ve been trying to hide this for so long.  I never felt fully comfortable in admitting it to anyone, for fear of the way people would look at me… judge me.  I can tell that the few people in my life who do know about it don’t look at me in the same way they used to.  I’ve tried to keep it to myself, afraid of how it would affect my job, or drive away my friends.

However, I believe I’ve reached a point in my life where I can no longer deny my nature.  And I am willing to stand up to the judgement of my friends, relatives and colleagues, free of shame or remorse. Continue reading

Pleasuring myself


Steven Lyle JordanOver the years, I’ve been concentrating so much on entertaining others that I’ve slipped in my efforts to entertain myself; and right now, I have a yen to improve my life by re-immersing myself in the many forms of entertainment media I’ve collected over the years.  But because of their formatting and my need to upgrade my collection, that will require digitization.  (Don’t ask.  It’s all my stuff, reformatted for me alone.  No copyright infringement here.  Move along.)

Continue reading



preliminary cover of SarcologyToday I completed the text for my new novel, Sarcology.  Expect a late Jan/early Feb Spring 2013 release.  Here’s a preliminary cover design.  More details about the book will follow.

Before Game of Thrones… there was Wild Cards


cover of Wild Cards book 1Before George R. R. Martin brought Game of Thrones to television, he’d acted as writer and editor to a group of science fiction writers who had discovered a joint fascination with the pulp and superhero genre.  Under Martin’s direction, the group became the Wild Card Trust, and began penning the incredible series known as Wild Cards.

This ingenious series of books had a wonderful premise, that of developing a science-fiction-based world of superheroes, as realistic as they could be within the SF framework, and creating an alternate of our world that was forever changed by the characters.  It became a cult hit, spanning (so far) 21 books and (so far) three decades, rewriting our world’s history from 1946 on, and has been recently begun the process of re-release to a new world of fans.  And as this was one of my favorite books series, I am brimming over with the desire to tell you readers all about it. Continue reading

Ebooks aren’t marketing novelties anymore

Steven Lyle Jordan, author and futurist

Steven Lyle Jordan

Last week marked my official bid of farewell to my membership at, an ebook-dedicated site that I have participated in, as a member and a bookseller, since 2006.

MobileRead was a great source of information about the relatively new market of ebooks, when I was first trying to figure out how to get my books out to the world.  Based on weeks of research, then numerous questions about formats, pricing, web venues and quality issues, I learned enough to be able to begin my part-time  career as a novelist by selling in ebook formats.  I was greeted enthusiastically by MR members, who eagerly checked out my novels, made comments, congratulated me on my customer-friendly packaging and service, and wished me well in my endeavors.

That was six years ago.  Things have changed with the passage of time. Continue reading