Tattoo future


stars tattooI was recently informed that a whopping 40% of the American population under age 40 wear tattoos.  This is, to me, an impressive figure, considering tattoos have always been essentially permanent and unchanging… and in a society that is dedicated to variety and choice, you’d almost think tattoos would be the antithesis of that.  Of course, medical science has discovered ways to remove tattoos (though not well), so maybe all those under-40s are just assuming they’ll be able to ditch the tattoo whenever they feel like it.

I recognized the fact that tattoos are becoming more mainstream—and, someday, possibly be even more prevalent—in Sarcology, wherein Perry Collins, one of the main characters, has a bald head covered in tattoos of religious symbols.  It is part of his everyday activities to reach up and touch a tattoo that represents one of the religious guidelines he is thinking about at that moment.  Continue reading