The Awesome Con panel was a success

the Heroes panel

Gail Martin, Stuart Jaffe and myself at the Awesome Con panel “Are Heroes Getting Smaller?”

The Awesome Con gig went well yesterday.  The panel subject, “Are Heroes Getting Smaller?” was moderated by Gail Z. Martin, fantasy author and originator of the panel’s subject.  We were also joined by fantasy author Stuart Jaffe, with whom I’ve communicated before (on Facebook, I think).  Yes, as the sci-fi author, I was pretty much the odd man out. Continue reading

Conventions and “slut-shaming”


Emily Finke in Star Trek costumeThis IO9 article has recently resurfaced, and since I’m preparing to re-enter the world of conventions soon, I thought it was worth bringing up: Author Emily Finke describes the disagreeable treatment she received at a Balticon, when she cosplayed in a costume from Star Trek and became the brunt of women trying to shame her for wearing such a short skirt, and men trying to show up her Star Trek geek cred.  Her understandable rant takes those fanboys and girls to task for such sorry behavior.

A truckload of comments have been applied to this post, and about the only way I can sum them up is to say that they are either a variation of “You Go Girl!” or “What did you expect, wearing a sexy outfit like that?”  And it immediately reminded me of a post of mine from a while back, mentioning the latest French law that finally took off the books the requirement for women to wear skirts in public.

Continue reading

Working Awesome Con


Awesome ConIt’s official: I will be working at the upcoming Awesome Con, in Washington DC April 18-21, on two of the discussion panels.  I’ve been asked to participate in a discussion on traditional vs self-publishing, and one on the philosophical subject: “Are Heroes Getting Smaller?” Continue reading