DIY: Really nice Starbucks photo cup art


starbucks cup 2014Having little (constructive) to do this weekend, I decided to update my Starbucks photo cup.

A Starbucks photo cup is a reusable cup which has an outer clear plastic body, and an inner layer that holds the drink, giving you space to slip art or photos in-between.  You simply unscrew the bottom of the cup, slip your art between the layers, and screw the bottom back on.  Very simple, very easy.  And I did mention “reusable,” right?  Better for the environment than using and throwing away plastic cups every day.

Some people like to slip in a picture of their kids or friends, or something of their favorite hobby or interest, a cool pic they took on last vacation, etc.  I like the hobby bit; but I like to really make it kick. Continue reading