Radio signal from “creepy nebula” prompts SETI observers to turn everything off, just in case

Carina Nebula

“Dude… c’mere and lookit these guys.”

THIS JUST IN: A surprising radio signal of undoubtedly intelligent origin has been detected coming from the Carina Nebula by SETI observers. The observers surprised the press by not only reporting the signal, but that it had prompted them to switch off all of their broadcasting systems worldwide.

“Have you seen the Carina Nebula?” one scientist asked a reporter. “It looks like a hyper-intelligent elephant, looking right down at us with these burning eyes… and beckoning someone nearby to come take a look at what he sees.”

“It’s just downright creepy,” another scientist stated. “One look at it, and you’re sure it’s just staring at you. I had to leave the room.”

“Yeah, it was that strange feeling… like you were being watched,” Stanley Laurel, the team leader, stated.  “We unanimously decided to go to radio silence.  You know… just in case.”

SETI executives plan a meeting for this weekend to decide whether it’s safe to return Carina’s glare, or whether we should just shut up and pretend we didn’t say anything.

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