Free Short Stories


The Onuissance CellsMy first stories were in short story form, intended to be the scripts for a graphic novel project.  The Onuissance Cells later went on to be one of my most popular series of stories (probably because they were free).  Since then, I created a series of action-adventure stories for nerds—the Denial of Service series—which were also positively received (and also free).

To improve my visibility in the writing world, I am exploring more short story fiction for anthologies and for perusal on various websites and Facebook forums.  So it’s a good time to bring my short stories back to my own page, for your entertainment (and hopeful encouragement to check out the full novels in my catalog).  I will add to these pages as new material is created, permissions permitting.  These shorts are all free, so: Enjoy them all!

The Onuissance Cells—9 stories

Denial of Service—5 stories

To the Other Side—writing challenge for Facebook

How to Kill a Cyborg Dinosaur—writing challenge for SciFi Ideas

The Ghost of Lynus Hayes—writing challenge for SciFi Ideas

The Blue—flash fiction for SciFi Ideas

Monster—writing challenge for SciFi Ideas

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