About Steven


Author, futurist and environmentalist Steven Lyle Jordan.

From the author:

I write under the name of Steven Lyle Jordan because it’s easier than making up a new one.  I have passionate interests in humanity, technology, the environment and the future; my favorite subject, and the featured theme of my novels, is the impact science and technology has on individuals and societies.

I love serious science fiction; that is, stories where the science is highly plausible and factual wherever possible.  I write to make my novels as realistic, and serious, in their science as I can be, and still tell epic and exciting stories.

These days I like to torture myself by following news of science and technology that I’d love to see have a positive impact on the world’s future, and talking about science fiction subjects that no one under the age of 50 cares about.

I am currently collaborating with a television production company on a number of show concepts,  as well as seeking commissions to convert any of my novels into movie scripts.

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  • Written and self-published sixteen novels
  • Average 4.4 star rating on Amazon
  • Voted 2010 Top Four Reads at dailycheapreads.com (Verdant Skies)
  • Best of the Best semi-finalist at EditorJennifer.com (Verdant Skies)
  • Gold Star winner in The Book Designer.com cover design competition, 2013 (Sarcology)

2 thoughts on “About Steven

  1. I was recently asked what would be my definition of science fiction, and this was my reply:

    “Tales that extrapolate known and theoretical scientific principles as their basis or background, to show how they impact the characters of the story.”


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