Screw Apple watch; I want a Neptune Hub


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7 thoughts on “Screw Apple watch; I want a Neptune Hub

  1. mokarney

    You are high if you think Neptune is actually capable of making this device in a timely manner. I backed the Neptune Pine which was a disaster.

    They hyped it up with such lofty promises, only to deliver a sub-par product that sits in my junk drawer.

    While the concept is there, no way can Neptune actually execute their idea.

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    • If it’s a good idea (which I think it is), there’s always the possibility that Neptune will sell the concept so others can produce it, or that others will improve on it with their own versions. Multiple vendors offering versions of the Hub system to mix and match as desired… that’s something to look forward to.


    • Its a good idea but definitely will not get this from neptune. I’ll wait until samsung copy the idea. And I agree that Neptune pine is not capable of making this device professionally. I’m still waiting for my accessories for my Neptune pine. No more hype for me. 🙂


  2. Brad

    So if you lose it (or if it breaks down), you lose absolutely everything. Unlike, say, cloud-stored files. That makes no sense. Also, you complain that the iWatch at $349 is too expensive yet you hawk a $800 product. Also makes no sense.


    • One word: Backup. It’s right there in the pitch.

      And the reason I didn’t like the iWatch price is that the watch is the peripheral. The Hub is a completely different system, potentially replacing all of the other stuff you’ve got.


    • David Gartee

      Not to mention the apple watch STARTS at 350 made with the cheapest materials. The prices just go up from there with the “best value” to workmanship/material being at least 550 and is still dependent on the iPhone.


  3. Author Hugh B. Long responded through Facebook:

    “Concept sounds great, but there’s the practical challenge of computing power in a wearable form factor. Can I do video editing from a CPU the size of a watch? Not yet I can’t. Concept is great though.”

    My response (edited once):

    “True, the Hub is designed for doc storage and basic processing. But that’s what the peripherals are for, to provide the specialized tools and additional processing power for such work.”


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