Mercedes is making Sarcology come true


Daimler F015 concept self-driving carGerman automaker Daimler on Monday showed its vision of the driverless car at the International CES on January 5, 2015 in Las Vegas. The F015 prototype vehicle is designed to do all the driving, while four passengers can face in any direction, including towards each other, and do whatever they’d like with their time.

This concept is pretty much spot-on to the vision of the self-driving cars I described in my novel Sarcology.  So, if you’ve read the book (snort), and are curious about the kind of driving experience I envisioned, just use your mind to insert this very car into the passages, and you have it.

Daimler F015 concept car interior

One crucial difference: In Sarcology, the back seat was a sumptuous sofa, allowing for more comfortable and… energetic… activities.  (Cue Ruby Rhod clip)

You’re welcome.

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