Gordon House


Hard to believe anyone would want to destroy this house for any reason.

The Numinous Cosmos

My wife and I recently had the privilege to visit the only “open to the public” Frank Lloyd Wright house in the Pacific Northwest. The home, known after its original owners as the Gordon House, is located at 869 West Main Street in Silverton, Oregon. The house is located in a public garden where it was removed to in 2001. The home was originally sited along the Willamette River in Wilsonville, however, the family sold it in 2000 to people who wanted to demolish the home (as seems  to be the case with most Wright’s homes- ostensibly to build some Mcmansion monstrosity).

The Frank Lloyd Wright conservancy arraigned to buy the house for a dollar as long as they took it off of the property. It was dismantled and reconstructed as close to the original specifications as possible.

The home itself was designed by Wright in 1957, built in 1963, and is…

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