aka Desperate Author’s Day


small business saturday Nov 29 2014So, you’ve just thanked the heavens for all the things you’ve got… then prepped yourself to run out and buy even more stuff at the big box stores?  Well, if you have any energy (and stamina) left, give a thought to Small Business Saturday, when all small, family-owned and local businesses hope for some spending love.  And what business is smaller than the (a-hem) independent author?

Yes, Independent authors like myself do everything we can to entertain you and your friends.  We do all the work of conceptualizing our products—doing the researching and prep, writing the story—packaging it—creating (or buying) cover art—promoting it through websites, social media and ads—uploading it into bookselling sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble—and hoping against hope to be discovered by you, our wonderful readers.  We work hard, to give you pleasure!

So, we politely beseech you to give us a thought after you’re worn out from beating back the throngs at the quarter-price Beats headphones table: On Saturday, sit yourself down, have a nice drink, welcome your favorite pet onto your lap, and buy something to support your friendly neighborhood small business author from the comfort of your computer, tablet or cellphone.

Of course, if you don’t want to wait for Saturday, I hear Friday has been declared Buy Black Friday… so hey, do a brother a solid.


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