Jurassic World promises to be a… horserace?


Yes, the first trailer for Jurassic World has been released!

And as much as I enjoyed it, I got the greatest kick out of what we saw at the end:

Jurassic raptor race

…which immediately led to this exchange on IO9:

Steven Lyle Jordan
Aaaaaannndddd… We’re off!

…and Teeth For Days has taken an early lead – but here comes Captain Hookedclaw on the outside!

Steven Lyle Jordan
…Followed closely by Clever Girl, Rex Bait, Republican Party, Snap Dragon, Bovine’s Nightmare, and… Beetlebaum!

You get extra stars for Beetlebaum! (‘Cause I’m old…)

Haha I’m glad to see someone else thought of Clever Girl.

Oooh! And there they go around the first corner with—Wait! Republican Party and Snap Dragon have stumbled on the corner! They’re tearing into one another in a clear sign that Nokia should have paid more attention to training than lathering sponsors onto their raptor.

Whillemina in the lead, Rum-Rum second, Apartment Building with plenty of room, Mother-in-Law nagging from the rear. And here comes the winner………..


Did not see when I posted my comment that I was scooped on the Beetlebaum joke by about three hours. Well played. Serves me right for riding one of Bing Crosby’s horses!


(What can I say?  It’s the little things in life!  Thanks, Spike.)

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