The ulterior motive


buy_my_booksI enjoy writing about and discussing existing and potential science and technology, and the amazing possibilities for our future.  It’s fun discussing science fiction movies and TV shows, and debating what we’d like to see in SF entertainment.

But I must confess that I do have an ulterior motive for discussing these things on my blog, posting links to it on Facebook and Twitter and mentioning it on sites like Tor and IO9: It’s because I want people who believe I know something about science, futurism and science fiction to come here and discover that I’ve written my own science fiction and futurist novels.  And I want those people, having discovered my books, to buy them.

There are some excellent independent authors out there: Authors who, for lack of money, connections or any other type of promotional savvy, get very little notice or renown for their work; who fight for every sale and struggle to get readers to spread their good work; and who may collect in two months enough money from book sales to take themselves and a significant other out to lunch.  At Panera Bread.  Without drinks.


We struggle because of an existing publishing system that works hard to convince the public that independent authors aren’t worth their weight in spit, while only the publishers’ content is worth anything.


So we do what we can to be heard and discovered, and hope our readers will reciprocate by buying our books… and if they like them, telling others about us and recommending our work to be checked out.

This is what the Internet era is supposed to be about: Networks of individuals, communicating and helping each other beyond the staid limits of corporate culture and mass commercialism.  This is how ebooks were invented, creating new products custom-made for digital communications and worldwide access.  This is why I started writing, in order to entertain people far and wide, unfettered by national boundaries or physical limits.


And so here I am, hat in hand, with a simple message: I’m so glad you found your way here; and now that you are here, I hope you’ll reward my efforts by checking out my books, buying one or some of them, and telling other like-minded people as yourself about me.

And if you happen to have connections somewhere, such as with a publicist, or a website that likes to write about or interview authors, I implore you to pass the word to them as well.  The more, the merrier.

And most importantly, I hope you enjoy being entertained—not just informed—by me.



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