Drones are f**king terrifying


There’s nothing I need to add to this post by John Oliver.


2 thoughts on “Drones are f**king terrifying

  1. I take it back: There is something I can say about this.

    The biggest issue drones have is one of image… they are seen by all segments of the public as annoyances, intruders, and potential attackers. On foreign soil, they are only known for their ability to take life without warning. The fact that they are primarily being used by the military, thereby striking fear into those below them… being discovered by peeping Toms and floated over private properties, looking for nude sunbathers… and are being lobbied for use by commercial entities, which hope to rain their products onto our heads… means the average Joe doesn’t see an upside to drones at all.

    This can change. Applying drones to peaceful applications would go a long way to improving their PR: Providing eyes on crimes in progress (and assisting in finding and capturing criminals); being used to monitor remote areas; spotting fires and guiding emergency crews; assisting in searches; handling maintenance monitoring in hazardous areas; and monitoring for drones that exceed their legal statutes and encroach on off-limits areas; in general, making people feel safer about drones being about, would remove a great deal of the terror people feel about drones today.


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