Trying Draft2Digital, and a discounted price


Draft 2 DigitalI’m taking the advice of a fellow author and trying out the services of Draft2Digital to sell my ebooks.  I’ve chosen one book to try the service out—The Kestral Voyages: My Life, After Berserker.  And I’m also going to experiment with a significantly lower price point, since my books weren’t selling at $4.99; My Life, After Berserker has been re-priced at $1.99.  (Except at Amazon, which would not accept a price lower than $2.99.)

My hope is to pick up more of an international audience by going outside of Amazon and Barnes & Noble books.  When I first started out, I sold books directly from my site in multiple formats; but I never managed significant sales there, and I suspected it was because there wasn’t enough trust inherent in a small website like mine, not to mention the PayPal payment interface that non-US purchasers apparently didn’t trust.  Eventually, I closed the store, to rely exclusively on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In recent years I’d done interviews and traded posts with Book Chums, an Indian books site, and again it made me reconsider my potential international audience.  I’d tried Kobo a while back, but I really wasn’t happy with the interface or the result.  But as I knew Amazon covered many international markets, I decided I could wait for a more satisfying experience.

In Draft2Digital, I may have found that better experience. They offer an easy-to-use publishing interface, converting my Word docx files into epub and pdf (I’ve opted out of Kindle for now, since my books are already in there).  The process was fairly painless, and the epub and pdf downloads of my book looked pretty good, first time.  After a review, I published the book… and it was available within 6 hours on the distribution sites I’d chosen.

It’s already available at Kobo, Inktera and Scribd, for anyone who’s interested (or wants to pass on the word about a great book at a great price to their friends).  Depending on how well sales go, I’ll decide how many more of my books I’ll upload to D2D.

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